On the Sea Wall
Eleven Poets Recommend New and Recent Collections
Forbidden City by Gail Mazur (University of Chicago Press)
by Joyce Peseroff, April, 2016, On the Seawall

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Review of Forbidden City, On the Seawall

Provincetown Arts Magazine, 2016
Forbidden City by Gail Mazur
A book review by Peter Campion

Piercing Clarity: Gail Mazur’s Poetry
by John Yau
Hyperallergic, May 8, 2016


March, 2012 Review of Figures in a Landscape in Zoland Poetry
by Kent Leatham

Review by Ron Slate — Published on September 6, 2011
The Quarterly Conversation

Poetry Foundation, Reading Guide: Gail Mazur
Gail Mazur’s pop culture catalogue of 1940s.

by Samantha Myers, June 05, 2006

Review of Zeppo’s First Wife
by Fred Marchant, Provincetown Arts, 2006